About Us

Servermarket is one of the leading providers of reliable and high-performance HPE Servers, HPE Storage and HPE Network infrastructure across all classes. As a fully-owned subsidiary of Data Tech Computers Pvt Ltd, we bring unprecedented advantage to clients, by providing complete and allied solutions pertaining to every area of the IT Infrastructure. Founded in 1996, Data Tech is a one-stop partner fore-Governance, corporates and SMEs who aim to bridge the digital divide by deploying high-performance hardware and software on their premises.

Servers, Storage and Network represent the hub or nucleus around which other components of the IT Infrastructure are built. Needless to say, they must be high-performing to ensure smooth functioning of business-critical applications, must be reliable to ensure 24x7 operations, and must be scalable to factor current, upcoming and future business needs.

Choosing the right servers or storage equipment can become a challenge then. That is where Servermarket makes a difference. Our consultative approach to the business helps SMEs who have very little or no knowledge of IT, by hand-holding them throughthe entire scoping and sizing process. This way, you will only buy equipment that is just right for you,and neither higher nor lower.


  • Assured, Genuine and Reliable Servers: Servermarket is powered by Data Tech Computers Pvt Ltd which is a HPE Gold partner in Gujarat State, HPE Service Partner and has a HPE Certified Presales team as well as HPE Certified Service Engineers on its rolls.
  • Quality and Customer focus: Data Tech is ISO 9001:2008 Certified for Sales and Support and ISO 20000-1:2011 Certified for Support Management. So when you work with Servermarket, you can be rest assured your equipment is in safe hands.
  • Sales, Support and Consultation under one roof: As a result of our alliances with HPE, we have evolved into a one-stop partner, and can support our clients over their entire lifetime for all IT Infrastructure needs.
  • Flexible and Customizable offerings: Servermarket.in is the first-ever online, customizable server and storage portal in India where prospective customers can analyze and compare products on their own before engaging with our staff for advice.
  • Cost-effective, customer-friendly: As one of HPE India’s channel partners, we stock only authentic and the latest products, which are offered at the best price. Being a trusted partner of HPE, you can make advance payments without any concerns.
  • Wide geographic reach: We are one of the market-leaders in the Western part of India with several branches there, and presence across India.